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Hi thanks all for your comments yes the garden is inbetween ours and my brother in laws we both own our homes im unsure if the lady in the middle owns or rents the mess is overgrown genral waste and animal mess she isnt happy that we want walls built instead of hedges that she is unable to keep! Also there is rats due to her feeding her animals outside i dont see why we should be spending a small fortune trying to have nice homes and gardens while she spends her days in bed doing nothing! I cant belive that there is nothing we can do about it1



If there is food and animal waste attracting rats then you might want to contact your councils Environmental Health Department. As for general untidiness, it is the ladies garden and she can do, or not do, as she wishes.

29 May, 2012


Oldboo it would have been better if you'd added this as an answer to your original question then everyone who commented originally would have seen. As Bulba says if there are rats report her to your local Environmental Health Department. They take exception to behaviour that encourages rats. As to the walls so long as they are built in your and your brother's garden she can't complain but who owns the hedges? Sadly a lot of people are totally uninterested in gardening and would be better of not having gardens.

29 May, 2012

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