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Good afternoon everybody, please could anyone tell me if Elixir fertilisers are any good, and also if their 11:11:11 grownmore type liquid fertiliser would be a good mid-season feed for clematis, roses and veg etc...Thank you.



They sound quite good. Might try a few of them next year.
As to your question, no idea clematis, at a guess not enough K for roses, and as for veg, depends which one.
So not a lot of use really.

29 May, 2012


Thanks Scrumpygral

30 May, 2012


In fact, i'll try a lot of them this year.
I've looked through all their products and they are very similar to the chempak products that i use, only a bit cheaper.
Their soluble powder fertilisers, Elixir 2,3,4 and 8, are very good formulas. The high nitogen, no. 2 i think, would be good for brassicas.
The products with liquid seaweed also look very good. The higher the Potash, the better for flowers.
The higher the Nitrogen, the better for veg except carrots.
Too much nitrogen and they will split more easily.
Certainly far better products than anything you will get at garden centres/diy stores.

30 May, 2012


Marvellous answer Scrumpygraham,Thanks again, Phil

30 May, 2012


What is the difference between fertilisers and plant food?

30 May, 2012


Nothing really.
Fertilisers prepare the soil. Foods feed the plant and soil after planting.

30 May, 2012


thanks again srumpy.

30 May, 2012

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