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Moving an oriental poppy .... Sorry can't post pics as iPod won't let me, but I have an oriental poppy that is planted in a filled in small plastic pond in my back garden, it's the only plant in there. I've had it for 3 or 4 years now and previous years it's been a lovely focal point, it gets lots is sun (my garden is south west facing). This year it's came up blind, not a single bud can I find, been through all the foliage, which there is plenty of and looks green and healthy. Auvergne seen loads in full bloom in neighbouring gardens so doubt in getting any flowers this year, any ideas why this could be and also when would be best time to move it, do they transplant well? I am attached to this plant as I bought it as a sorry looking thing in a plastic bag from Poundland that fitted in my palm and managed to grow it into a whopper, the span of plant approx 2 foot. I can accept not seeing blooms this year but any tips to bring it back to bloom greatly appreciated x



they do sometimes fail to flower, possibly a severe frost at the critical bud formation time. [ a universal cop out in abscence of any other idea:o)] I have successfully moved mine in early spring just as new leaves are growing. They have a very deep tap root and if you leave a bit behind you will get another plant next year where it originally grew. When you do transplant it [late summer also works thinking about it] make sure you water it well for about a month to make sure it roots well.

29 May, 2012

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