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why are my lupins so small and thin? will they survive if i plant them out, i wouldnt think they were anywhere near flowering? any advice is great thank you :o)




I planted mine out a few weeks back slightly smaller. The bare root ones that I bought went in back in December - Lupins are hardy and they are in flower and much larger. The smaller ones I planted from seed are about the size of yours now and were getting too constricted in their pots. They will get bigger quite quickly when the heat and sun comes back and will flower later this year. I would put your out in final position and watch for slugs otherwise keep watered and they should flower.

1 Jun, 2012


Prepare the soil well for them and plant them out. I would add blood fish and bone or similar to the soil when planting. They are very young plants but they should do well and bulk up when you plant them out. I agree about very regular watering and you will need slug pellets to stop them being eaten. Dont expect flowers this year . Good luck with them.

1 Jun, 2012


These look about right to me as new lupin plants need one growing season to mature enough to produce blooms. Plant in their final place and perhaps in fill with annuals this year and enjoy your lupins when they are ready to perform.

1 Jun, 2012


Just looked at my seedlings and 2 have small looking flower stalks forming. I think that the Lupin seeds where guarenteed flower first year types from T&M. Am not too bothered if they all do not flower this year as I love the palmate leaves. How perenial are they - they stay or is it self seeding?

1 Jun, 2012


Right ok im just so desperate to get everything planted but dont want to kill them-ive come this far! i will get some fertilizer and slug pellets and plant them asap. kildermorie-im very new to gardening so dont have much advice to give just yet! thanx everyone! :o)

1 Jun, 2012

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