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Few questions :)
Help, the candelabra primula I split last night has wilted on me, One plant is now 6 have I got any chance of saving it, should I take some leaves off? Chop it to a stump?is it just sulking? Everything else I lifted looks perky enough, think I've maybe divided it into one too many babies........

Greenhouse , I have kindly been offered the use of a greenhouse, pic to follow, not heated at all, in a south west facing garden getting some shade from large trees. What do I start growing? We are making raised beds to be used as allotments, should I start some veg, if so what? Brassicas for winter:spring or am I too late for that? It's not been used for a few years, how do I clean it best? Good old vinegar and water? 

Daff bulbs, going to be disturbed when I dig up front, do oil just pop them on a pot dry then put straight back in once I've turned everything over? 

Thanks again x oh, last question, burned a dahlia with blood fish n bone, soo remove burnt leaves or leave it alone?



Hi Md
Firstly I would say that you are a little early with the primulas. I would have waited until August/September. Anyway, you have split them so now keep them well watered and in the shade if they are in pots. If planted into the ground then you can only water. Give them a good misting any time that the sun is not on them and every evening.
I would keep the daffodil bulbs dry and cool whilst you are working on the garden and then re-plant as early as possible.

5 Jun, 2012


primula need plenty of water and may recover. often very forgiving plants.

Daffs into pots with soil over them, then you can either replant when bed dug or leave them until the autumn to plant where you want them.

Dahlia I'd leave it alone and remove the leaves only when they are clearly dead.

as for the greenhouse toms, peppers, cucs, salad greens spring onions, basil, french beans have all been grown successfully in my greenhouse.

5 Jun, 2012


Thanks, they are in Pots, well watered, will move to a shady spot this evening, I seen advice saying you could split after flowers spent so risked it....... Will get the bulnmbs in a brown bag, it's been raining here so a theory night for me tonight....thanks again for the info x

5 Jun, 2012


Your candelabra is recuperating after its operation and will hopefully perk up up as each section forms new roots!

Not seeing the size of the original I don't know if you have divided it into too many sections,but I would guess perhaps you have as I would only divide most mature plants into three or four pieces!

So fingers crossed!

You still have time to sow brassicas providing you select the right type e.g late maturing types, a bit late for sprouts but time for late cabbage,broccoli and cauli, I will be sowing mine by the end of the month, along with the spring cropping varieties!

Regarding cleaning the greenhouse! Do you plan on growing anything in the borders? If so I wouldn't use vinegar as you might knock the soil out of kilter!

I find soap and water and a bit of elbow grease as good as any!

When lifting your bulbs leave the leaves on until they turn yellow and dry out. Once dry remove the leaves and the root plate then store them in a dry cool place until required, which is usually Sept / Oct.

Remove the damaged leaves from your dahlia as they are serving no purpose and may rot and clause other problems.

Regarding the timings of veg have a look on my website and you will see my sowing dates, use the alphabetical index for specific plants or the monthly section for general information;

5 Jun, 2012


Thanks TG x

5 Jun, 2012


Cleaning the greenhouse: If, like mine, your gh is just standing on paving slabs, then here is the perfect opportunity to use the dreaded Jeyes Fluid! It will very effectively disinfect a greenhouse where maybe soap, water and elbow grease may not be enough. Don't ever use it on soil, though.

6 Jun, 2012


Thanx Gattina x

6 Jun, 2012


You're very welcome, Md! :o)

6 Jun, 2012


Hiya, just to let you all know my primulas are looking decidedly more perky today :) success :) seem to be doing quite well at this division malarkey :) happy mags :) the fertiliser burnt leaves are now stripped from the affected plants, going to start lifting some turf tonight and enlarge the borders, got my hosepipe ready for getting the shape, straight lines are being banished..... I was round helping a mate with her garden this afternoon, I am hooked......

6 Jun, 2012


Fun, isn't it?

7 Jun, 2012

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