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Geranium ID

Hi everyone, can anyone identify this hardy geranium, please?

P1060523 P1060526



Possibly - Johnsons Blue.

Not sure of the leaf though.

9 Jun, 2012


definately Johnsons blue [cranesbill]

9 Jun, 2012


Isn't the clump rather neat for Johnson's blue - it tends to be a bit more lax than this, but perhaps its a new plant.

9 Jun, 2012


Might it be 'Brookside'?

9 Jun, 2012


Thanks Fractal Cat, Freesabird and Steragram.

It is a new plant which I bought from a stall, unlaballed and this is its first flower.

The colour is actually a little deeper than the photo shows with the veining and little pointy bits, on the petals, being almost violet/red.

It also has six petals...there is another bud coming, which has the little points...but, I don't know if the extra petal is just a little aberration?

10 Jun, 2012

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