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Can I feed my fuchsia with tomato feed?

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Hi, today I visited my local B&Q Centre and bought this lovely Fuchsia. I'm a complete beginner to this plant and it says on the label that it needs feeding... Please can someone let me know if I can feed it with Tomato food, or do I need to buy different plant food for it?

Many thanx :-)

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Hi Sodapopklc

Back to my trusty RHS encyclopaedia - which recommends a feed of 'general fertilizer' in the summer for hardy fuchsias. (I'm assuming yours is a hardy one!) However, when it's mature, the feeding regime is different...balanced feed in early spring, high potash feed when plant starts to flower. Hope this helps.

4 Jul, 2007


If your plant is in a pot then feed once a week with a half strength solution of miracle grow - it will thrive. If it is in the ground then the same but full strength. Good luck.

6 Jul, 2007


Been growing prize winning fuchsias fro years, use tomato feed, as & when you think of it.

7 Jul, 2007

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