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No flowers on female holly

Moray, Scotland

Hi Guys (and gals) we have both a male and a female holly tree in the garden - where there when we moved in 19 years ago. We have always had flowers on both and a good crop of berries on the female until last year (08). The birds did not eat the berries from the 07 flowering and they stayed on the tree right through until this time last year. We noticed that the female was not flowering and assumed it had something to do with the berries still being there (usually they are gobbled up by the birds). This year the male holly is a mass of flowers but, so far as B & I can see not one flower on the female... any thought ideas suggestions? We haven't changed the way we look after them.

On plant Ilex



the berries probably inhibited the growth of new flower buds. they have a chemical [hormone florigen i think ] in them. so remove all the berries and next year you should get new flowers.

14 May, 2009


Hi SBG I agree that is why we did not get flowers lat year as the 07/08 winter berries were still on the tree but does not explain this year - at least to me...

14 May, 2009


Where are your dicky birds? Maybe they all flew south for the winter.

15 May, 2009


The birds were there volunteer just chose not to eat the berries... We will now have to wait and see if the female flowers next year.

17 May, 2009

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