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Hi we have got a small fish tank in our garden and this year it has got two residents! A male and female frog.Does anyone know when they should lay their eggs?My two boys are keeping a watchfull eye hoping to get tadpoles soon,thanks.


By Lorraie

United Kingdom Gb




They will have spawned by now our frogspawn was about back in early March, the frogs and froglets leave the pools in June and July depending on the water level and the temperature. After the spawn has hatched they dissapear from view for a long while down to the depths of the pool and in the silt, but usually are very noticeable on the surface of the pool and around the edges when they are developing their little back legs before they lose their tail. If you have the frogs there in the pool it is more than likely the tadpoles are there. In July they will have lost their tails and become little frogs and move out to live on the land in the damp vegitation. Make sure by then you have some way for them to get out, as you say thay are in a tank, if it is a deep sided tank they need a landingstage in the water to hop off to get out.

15 May, 2009


I think it is too late in the season for them to breed. I'm in Scotland and further up north from where I am the frog spawn was laid some weeks ago. Are your frogs displaying courtship behaviour?

It may be if you have a small fish tank outside it is unlikely that any tadpoles would survive without constant maintenance ( partial water changes for the ammonia build up etc). As Telme says if tadpoles did hatch out and became froglets they would need the sides built up so they could hop out easily or they will drown - can the adults get out OK?

I have two ponds in my garden and a few frogs although I have seen very little of them this year. I normally have frog spawn but there has been none this season. I suspect it was from one frog and that she has perhaps not made it through the winter - I think foxes will eat frogs if they come across them.

15 May, 2009

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