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do sweetpeas take kindly to being moved from pot to ground?




I've never found any problem and I move some every year.

20 Jun, 2012


great ill give it a go then :-) thank you sarra

20 Jun, 2012


If you mean the ones in the picture I think they are a bit big for moving now but you never know your luck.

20 Jun, 2012


oh i hope theyll be ok stera. cuss i moved them yesterday before i saw your comment. well they didnt seem to be doing much fast cus think the pot was restricting them a bit. i got most of the roots out ok and the soil is good so with the fence and a bit of feed next week they mite be ok. fingers crossed for sunshine too like we had yesterday! thanks guys :-)

21 Jun, 2012


They should be fine if they are kept moist enough. And with the weather forecast, no prob.

21 Jun, 2012


true! they will definately be watered in well now :-)

21 Jun, 2012


So come on little plants - do your stuff!

21 Jun, 2012


Thanks guys :o)

24 Jun, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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