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Potting Sheds.
My daughter has a yearning for a potting shed with a glass roof, has anyone any experience of these and best place to purchase.
Thank you.



Hi Valadel, I have never seen a potting shed with a glass roof, they usually have a sloping window on the front,
very nice if you don,t have a garden shed already, but other than thatI consider them a luxury that I can manage without, they,re quite expensive nowadays, why not just buy, or better still make a potting bench, and use it in the greenhouse, or the garden shed, they also take up valuable growing space, Derek.

20 Jun, 2012


We had a large shed erected when our old shed died a death and call it the potting shed and it has a small greenhouse connected to it which houses our show plants in plunge beds that can't sit outdoors over winter. To me it is no more than a large shed where we do all sorts of thing like putting up and un-potting bulbs. Sorting seed for various seed exchanges, storing all sorts of bits an pieces - including the tumble drier and a freezer both of which are in use as such and an old fridge where himself stores seeds etc. Glass roof - can't imagine it myself...

20 Jun, 2012


Potting sheds don't usually have glass roofs - my dad's certainly didn't, never seen one with a glass roof. Be a bit hot in there in summer I'd have thought, specially for potting up plants and cuttings.

20 Jun, 2012


Indeed Bamboo and as it is where Bulba retreats to when weather is bad...

20 Jun, 2012

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