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My rockrose bush does not bloom


By Inge

United States

I have had this rockrose bush for years. I prune it back in winter; the foliage grows back full and lush -- but no blossoms! Does anyone have an idea why this is?
Many thanks!

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My RHS book says to prune it only minimally, AFTER it has flowered. I suspect that you are cutting off the flowering points.

16 May, 2009


Oh-- thank you very much!
What you are suggesting may be the problem since I pruned it pretty much down to the bone. Where are the flower points and how can they be recognized? So -- would it be best not to prune it at all, or have I ruined the plant for good now?
Also, what is the RHS book?
Again, many thanks.

16 May, 2009


Hi Inge RHS is the Royal Horticultural Society - a bible for most gardeners! Unlike roses Cistus need minimal if any pruning and, as Spritzhenry says, after they have flowered. I'd suggest leaving the shrub to grow now until after it has flowered next year and then just trim back lightly if it is really needed.

17 May, 2009


I'm afraid you won't get any flowers this year either, as Moongrower said. Flowers grow at the tips of the shoots or branches, which is why I used that phrase.

I have several RHS books, but the one I use most is the A-Z of Plants and it comes in 2 volumes. Full of information. Expensive, but cheaper on the net of course! Worth every penny!

17 May, 2009


Thank you SO much for your replies; they are very helpful. I shall proceed as suggested.
Happy gardening to you all! :-)

17 May, 2009

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