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Charente, France

Another ID! :)))

I saw this, medium sized and well established, tree today.
Haven't seen it before and haven't a clue what it is.

The biggest leaves are 15 - 20cms long and quite languid...(sorry, can't think of a better word).

Small (at the moment) quite citrussy looking pitted skins, it would seem...

Any ideas, anyone?



The fruit looks like a lime? Just right for my G&T.

22 Jun, 2012


Just what I was thinking!:)) Lime.

22 Jun, 2012


Black wallnut. Juglans nigra.

Take a bit of the leaf and crush it between your should smell of tangerines !!!!!

22 Jun, 2012


Gosh! Really!

They're not supposed to live here...but, so are lots of other things! That's just grand!

Thanks both! Cheers...clink!! :)))

22 Jun, 2012


Try the leaf test Karen...i could be wrong !!!!

22 Jun, 2012


It's about 30kms away I could go back and crush the leaves...maybe next week...! :))

Think that the leaves are broader, though...

22 Jun, 2012


There are walnut trees everywhere here, Andy.

And the fruit has that look!! :)

Just never seen leaves like this before...

They look exotic!

22 Jun, 2012


Next time you see one Karen, just gently take a leaf and crush it. If it smells fruity like tangerine, it'll be the above. If not, i appologise and i haven't a clue what it is.

It does look like a Juglans tho !!!! xxx

22 Jun, 2012


Oh I have to go back and try, Andy!

...not a big problem...I needed an excuse to go back to that market, anyway.... :))) xxx

22 Jun, 2012


I think its a walnuttree. I've got one in the garden and it looks exactly the same. I'll put a photo on in a bit s you can verify.

22 Jun, 2012


Looks like the Nogal (walnut) that thrives here. Our favourite little holiday casa in this village is called El Nogal due to the walnut tree that used to grow beside it. Sadly it turned up its roots in a storm last year!

23 Jun, 2012


Definitely a walnut. Great time to harvest them for green pickled walnuts!

23 Jun, 2012


Now I look at it again, after all these other ideas, the walnut idea seems a good one. No good in a G and T sadly :))

23 Jun, 2012


Thanks everyone!

There are walnuts growing all around here, but this is the first one I've ever seen on eye-level.

Sadly, it's not mine, Bertie...because I like them in a salade Perigourdine! :)

I think it looks beautiful, just wish I had room for one in my garden...

23 Jun, 2012

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