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hi, have just read question regarding heucheras, and the reply saying they are easy to propagate. How do you do that please. Also why are there so many seeds in a packet ?. I sowed some chinese lantern seeds and now have 36 seedlings (I threw the rest away) and I dont know what I can ever do with that many plants.



With your extra plants I would suggest you give them awayTo friends or neighbours, or look our for local fetes/fayres and donate them so they can be sold for profit for either local group or charity x well done getting so many seedlings to plant stage. You get lots of seeds Incase some don't make it, some varieties do that you can "succession sow". You don't need to chuck out unused seeds, you can store them for next year x I've no experience of splitting heuchera yet but think you lift and split them in autumn and they serm to cope well with this based on what i read on the heuchera thread x x

22 Jun, 2012


I split some large huecheras I bought last year and although i lost a few over the winter, i managed to grow about 10 plants from the original 3 i bought. It was definitely worth doing and easy to do too. Have a go ....

22 Jun, 2012


Hi! Lucky you with all those Chinese Lanterns. They never worked for me :-( I am propogating by division, not seed, and so far has consisted of friend digging up a bit with a spade and me sticking it in compost weighted down by a lump of quartz to stop it blowing away and keeping well watered (not a problem with this weather!) So far it looks pretty perky!

22 Jun, 2012


When splitting a heuchera root I managed to break off a couple of stems by accident. So I just stuck them in a bucket of rain water. They both rooted with not even a pinch of hormone RP. Simples.

23 Jun, 2012


Agree with the above. I split a vine weevil damaged Heuchera into 8 about 3/12 ago, and they rooted, and are now in bloom. Just poked them in the compost in a pot and they did the rest.

23 Jun, 2012


Thanks, will give it a try with the heucheras and will try to find adoptive parents for my seedlings somehow.

23 Jun, 2012

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