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Name the Hedge.... and an update pic for MG......

Hiya - need to know what this hedge is before I hack it to bits - seems to grow straight upwards..goes woody quite quickly but needs a severe chop as its as wide as a single bed......

Pic 2 - this is the privet thats had a severe chop = thought you would appreciate this Moongrowe as you didnt like the look of it when I first started sharing project corner :) xx

Namethehedge Butchered_privet



Pic 1 looks like lonicera nitida which grows very fast and needs trimming several times in the growing season to keep it tidy and within bounds

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks Andrew...I need to reduce it by at least 2 foot in width and probably the same off the top....will that kill it? x It spreads terribly...keeps popping its head up in the lawn!

24 Jun, 2012


Just googled lonicera nitida - think thats what next door hedge is a bit more "hairy" and leaves a bit further spaced and not as symetrical....will get another pic tomorrow. xx will keep looking at images and see if I can find a lonicera nitida that matches my monster x

24 Jun, 2012


Those leaves look rather too big for lonicera nitida to me unless its a real closeup but I haven't a clue what it is, sorry! Are those bigger leaves part of it?

24 Jun, 2012


The bigger leaves look like lilac tree leaves and grow through the hedge, no idea what it is, think it might be a honeysuckle of some form? Every year since I've stayed here, 6 years, I try and leave it alone and cut round it to see what it is, a few years mr has cut it away and last year it was totally covered in greenfly so I chopped it, the leaves of hedge are in close up, they are about 2cm wide by5cm long, slightly serrated. The stem:wood is a reddy colour. I shall try adding a few more pics tomorrow x

24 Jun, 2012


is it a form of escallonia? does it ever flower?

25 Jun, 2012


Thanks Seaburn, dont think thats it either....although a few images I seen look similar - its never flowered....just grows like a triffid....

25 Jun, 2012


Looks as though the solution is to chop it anyway. Doesn't sound as though you like it much anyway so I would risk it.

25 Jun, 2012


It looks like one of the bigger cotoneasters to me--maybe C. lactea?

27 Jun, 2012

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