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first early potatoes not tasty

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I have dug up my first lot of early spuds, looking great, but when cooked very little taste, and they went black when cooked- i used the microwave



It seems very early did you wait for the flowers to go over? if picked too early they will be very watery and tastless, Going black when boiled usually means too much fertiliser. What potatoes did you plant? some are more taseless than others, I find the Arran Pilot is a very tasty potatoe but you notice the flavour is in the first too weeks of picking after that they don't seem so tasety or is it we get used to the flavour!!! and get too demanding of their quality! Keep trying. also the ground they are grown in makes a big difference, some like lighter soil.

20 May, 2009


thankyou for help, I am not sure whcih variety I used,- got them from T&M but they are only juct beginning- to flower, so I obviously dug them up too soon. I will wait until the flowers have finished. Also I did double dig with a lot of well rotted manure in the bottom, but only did in Dec, so maybe too much

20 May, 2009


Too high in Nitrogen is the cause of the black in boiling, when you dig the next lot try adding a spoonful of vinegar to the water. beter to put a balenced fertiliser, chicken pellets perhaps.

20 May, 2009

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