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Can I prune/trim a daphne?


By Jillyb

United Kingdom

There is a Daphne Odora(I think) at the front of my 100 year old house. When I moved in last year the front garden was covered with a membrane and pebbles/bits of paving added. I have now moved all this plus a large hedge at the side and am aiming for a cottage style garden. The basic soil is London clay (although I have added top soil). The garden is in sun from early morning 'till early afternoon.
I guess the Daphne is quite old and looking rather straggly and a little bare although it has flowered quite well.
It looks as if it could do with a good /trim/prune but I've been told this is not good for daphne plants.
I have recently fed it . and also fed it late last year.
Any help/advice welcome

On plant Daphne odora



In general, daphnes are not long-lived plants and resent pruning or root disturbance. My D.odora lasted ten years and then went into a rapid terminal decline. They are tricky to propogate but this may be a better option than trying to rejuvenate an old plant

28 May, 2009


a neighbour has had one for over 20 yrs and he does prune it after flowering but only by about 6" per stem. it is about 5 ft tall now.

28 May, 2009

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