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Daphne lifespan

N Yorks, United Kingdom

I have had a Daphne Odora for a number of years always flowering profusely around March. Its about two metres in width and a metre high. This year hardly any flowers and some leaves are blackened.What has gone wrong?

On plant Daphne odora aureomarginata



do you think it could be badly frost damaged, hence the blackening? we did have a warm patch a few weeks ago followed by cold so maybe it started into growth a bit too early and then got nobbled by the frost.

11 Mar, 2008


Daphnes are well known for suddenly dying. If it is not frost then a massive dose of a systemic fungicide sometimes helps.

11 Mar, 2008


It looked a bit sad before the frost-possibly it needs the fungicide. I will try.Thankyou

12 Mar, 2008

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