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pink wisteria

norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

hello working on a water feacture at the cut a long story short im building trellis bothe sides of going to grow a blue wisteria one side which i already have.i want to grow a pink one the other side or just another colour if there is one.i just wonderd wear to get one and what sort of price to pay for a 2`- 4` specemin excuse my spelling.




Hi Leigh,
You need a white Wisteria to enhance your water feature, a pink one is too soft against the colouring of the feature. I could recommend Flori Alba, a white one or Flori Honbeni Rose if you really want a pink one. They come in 7lt. pots 120-150cms. tall. Trade about £10 plus vat.
Good luck with it, hope you are well.

29 May, 2009


thanx doc im going to get the white one thank you so much doc hope your fealing better now mate

29 May, 2009


Yes thanks Leigh, getting there slowly.
The white wisteria is a good choice, it has 24inch racemes in a good year.

29 May, 2009


brilliant ill show you when it matures mate thanx again

29 May, 2009


Look forward to that Leigh.

29 May, 2009


your welcome chap take care mate and thanx again and bye for now

30 May, 2009


Don't forget Np, try and buy one in flower. Otherwise it could be several years before it flowers!

You've done a good job on the water feature btw, well done!

31 May, 2009


thanx craft hows things with you ? ow i have forsight and patiance and its not my garden lol

31 May, 2009

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