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whitsome boss

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

me again of course, as i said i have many questions, right i have a what i think is a shrub,my aunty planted it about 30 years ago and said it was called a whitsum boss,something to do with the white flowers,she says the names been changed and she doesnt know what to, she said some people call it a snowball bush but id like to know its proper name so i can research taking cutting from it to give to my aunty as a gift for when my brother dies as she likes to grow plants,trees etc in memory of someone and as i have approx 2 motnhs for it to be passed on would be please if anyone could help or pass me to somebody that could,kind regards,Rich



There's a viburnum (v.opulus roseum) commonly known as the snowball tree or bush, could that be it?

29 May, 2009


if its commonly known as snowball tree then you could be right, its been growing for about 30 years and id just like to take a cutting from mother plant to give to my aunty would you have any idea?

29 May, 2009


Yes the Snow ball tree is the Viburnum Opulus as Bamboo has said, there is a photograph of it on my page in Photographs page 1 second line.

29 May, 2009


Whitsun-boss is indeed the Viburnum Oplulus shrub, also know as snowball tree.

29 May, 2009


Cuttings are dead easy. Non-floweribg shoot about 12 inches long, taken now, cut below a leaf joint, cuttings compost, cover with a platic bag and they root fairly readily.
Or if there are branches near the ground, peg one down and cover with a little soil where it touches the ground and in about 112 months you have rooted piece.

29 May, 2009


thats what ive done, actually two days ago but being someone that tends to read to much to soon i was a bit wary due to reading about other plants such as clematis etc, although i did learn about the layering kind of cutting method you mention, thanks for all the advice ill be sure to be back soon with many more question and hopefully if my aunty lets me photos of her garden which i promis you is in perfect harmony,absolutely beautiful

29 May, 2009


I did mean 12 months not "112", bit slow even for hard to layer plants. I mean who can wait nine and a half years or so?

30 May, 2009

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