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hi again, i bought 3 campanula(blue) from a mail order catalogue which arrived, healthy and in good order, from holland i believe but after about 3 weeks of them being planted in front garden, full sun,they died of so i pulled them up to discover the roots were filled with this kind of yellow/pale brown worms, any help would be greatful



where they flat worms? Moongrower warned me about these things apparently they are bad news?she may read this and give you some tips to get rid if it is them

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29 May, 2009


hello, thanks for quick respose, im not sure what they were but i picked them out and slung them on the road, not being a lover of killing things was just curious as to what the were,above ground they just seems like a prickly cats fur

29 May, 2009


Sound like one of the many forms of centipede. If so then they had nothing to do with your plants dying.

29 May, 2009


deffo wasnt a centipede as no legs, it was a worm, smallish about 1" long with yellow blotches as if that was its food and a pale browny skin i think

29 May, 2009


Interesting, then it was not a flat worm then. In any case they eat other worms not plants.
Cannot find any references to things which eat the roots of Campanulas other than vine weevils and that is rare in the garden as opposed to in pots.

30 May, 2009

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