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Does this lawn edging tool really work?


By Lily2

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Am thinking of buying a tool for edging the lawn where it butts up against paving or brick edging. It has a long handle and cuts by a sharp wheel which runs between grass and paving when you push it along. Costs £20-£30. Don't want to buy one if they are no good!



Lily2, this has to be my favourite garden tool.

I don't know about anyone else but i use mine all the time, i regularly 'steal' lawn from my front and back garden to make new or wider borders and this tool comes out immediately, also for refreshing existing borders when they need it .... this tool is just brilliant :)

In my honest opinion i would say .... buy one !!!

30 May, 2009


I just use a half moon edger, works well too, and much cheaper!

30 May, 2009


Lily2, i am very sorry.
I didn't read your post properly and i should have given you the info that Bamboo gave.
Yes, it IS the half moon one i have and it's brilliant.
Not sure i'd go for the cutting wheel one, how would you keep it sharp or do you have to buy new wheels?

30 May, 2009


Thanks Louise and Bamboo.
I already have a half moon tool which I have had for years but am finding it not so easy to use now. Maybe it is getting blunt or I am getting weaker! Just thought the other thing might work better round the curvy brick edging but perhaps I won't bother as new gadgets can be dodgy (hence the question). The old ones are often the best.


30 May, 2009


I have another use for a half moon edger as well - it is useful for seperating ivy from a brick wall

30 May, 2009

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