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How do we stop our laurels from dying?


By Jacko1

United Kingdom Gb

Our neighbour and my husband planted laurels in the autumn down the boundary that separates our front gardens. But over the past few months the plants near the bottom of the garden look like they have died and there are just sticks left. The bottom of garden is a lot more waterlogged than the top - any advice? Should we water or not water the ones at the top?



I think they are still pretty new so will still need watering(the top) especially as they havent yet experienced the dryness of the wind and heat.
The lower ones thats a tricky one, maybe some sort of drainage is needed, whether it be stones and grit mixture or if its really badly waterlogged as in boggy then maybe a proper drainage system

hopefully someone can help on here

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2 Jun, 2009


the laurel like it moist but not waterlogged, so you will need to drain the bottom end if you wish to keep them alive.

2 Jun, 2009

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