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dahlia trouble? dying? dead?

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Hi again all,i planted my dahlias ages ago,ones doing great,four of them are following nicely,one hasnt shown its face yet, do you think i should dig down to make sure its not rotten or anything? but the one in question is weird,its come through like the rest but the centre stem thing seems to look chopped off and slimey,ive taken a picture as you can see,i havent seen a slug trail or any insects,well there was a weird looking yellow thing with black and yellow wings but it didnt seem to do any damage,thanks again, lol is it normal to have this many questions?




bless ya heart Im forever asking questions so dont worry if you dont ask you dont learn :o)

you wont always see slug trails hunny, beware of any bugs on you plants now matter how innocent they look

x x x

4 Jun, 2009


lol you got no worries of me not asking, i was brought up on the same concept,i was trying to get a picture of the damn bug but kept moving

4 Jun, 2009


Definitely slug or snail damage, they love them. Bad luck.

5 Jun, 2009


so does this mean its a goner??? or can it still pull through?

5 Jun, 2009


Well, if it has more buds under the ground they may resprout. Protect it with a few slug pellets and wait a few weeks to see if it regrows. Use only 3 or 4 pellets as they also attract slugs. Less is more.

8 Jun, 2009


they did indeed resprout and the main stem seems to be growing again also, thanks for the tip with slug pellets as id have had a sea of pellets had you not said that, thankyou

8 Jun, 2009


Welcome to the wonder that is GOY!

8 Jun, 2009

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