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Moth or butterfly?

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

On the blackcurrant shrub I noticed what looked like a dead leaf, just as I was about to pluck it from the plant, I stopped - it wasn't a dead leaf afterall, it's a crysalis. I've Googled it but not come up with any answers as to what species it could be. It looks like a dead, brown leaf all curled up. On one side of it there are 6 little dots of shiny silver which look like spots of solder flux, very shiny silver. Does anyone know if this is a friend or foe? Moth or butterfly?? I check it every day for development - how long does it take for something to emerge from it?
Sorry no photo.



Matters not if it is a moth or a butterfly they are both friends!

4 Jun, 2009


they are temperature dependent to some extent. warm weather speeds up the metamorphosis. some species overwinter so they can be in the chrysalis for months.

4 Jun, 2009

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