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cherry trees can you grow from seed



You can - my parents/grandparent did this and produced four trees, two red, one black and one white. Planted before I was born so I don't know how long they took before fruiting, but the black and the white were excellent. I have one now given to me as a seedling seven years ago and it flowered for the first time this year - no fruit though as yet. I think you stand a better chance of edible fruit than you do with growing apples from seed.
Whatever kind of cherry you get its odds on the blackbirds will get there first!

19 Jul, 2012


You can but it is difficult. They really need a period of dormancy by planting in compost then putting in the fridge for a few months. You can't be sure they will stay cold for long enough if you just leave them outside in winter. The other method that has had mixed results is to dry the pits out then (gently) crack them with nutcrackers before planting. Good luck by the way.

19 Jul, 2012


When my son was about 4 he had some cherries for tea and then planted the stones, as kids do, in the back garden. Well 3 came up and we still have one of the trees in a huge pot. He is 27 now. The tree never fails to flower and produces quite alot of cherries. But its the pigeons who get there first:))) So go ahead and see what happens!

19 Jul, 2012


I'll try the fridge for a while and then I'll see if I can crack it a little, then I'll get my 3yr old to plant it and see what happens :)

20 Jul, 2012



20 Jul, 2012

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