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'er indoors wants me to grow some cut flowers and chrysanth's are what she has in mind. Any advice on starter plants and what to expect in my first year?

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Best to plant in the spring, either from mail order, or GC if you're lucky, good chance for next year. If you have the space you can grow them in a row with support, like raspberries, if they are purely for picking.

19 Jul, 2012

I would go for sprays. I would also give them a ring first for a bit of advice as to varieties. They are very helpful.

19 Jul, 2012


I would agree with Scrumpy sprays are less labour intensive.

You should get most of what you need to know here;

19 Jul, 2012


Thanks everyone, especially for the Websites which I will follow up.

20 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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