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My friends tearing her hair out with deer munching her way through the garden. She can't keep them out as her garden is huge and part of Ashdown Forest. She found a young deer on her doorstep eating a rose that was just going into the garden. She has a few ideas of deer proof plants but can any one suggest more. Thanks.



you can go and get some human hair and some old stockings just tie it round the perimiter of the garden . mite work .

20 Jul, 2012


Thanks Nosey but that is nigh on impossible as the garden is a couple of acres and has no real boundary.

20 Jul, 2012


well i think youl have to get your faverite plants or areas and put it round them areas . its worth asking the forestry and maybe buy the trees they plant and learn to live with the deer instead of fighting them . deer are real flighty and are very weary bye nature . i sore the human hair idea watching hue ernly wittingstall keeping foxes away from his chickens out in a big field with cows etc and know fence that would stop a fox who are more neeky and opertunistick buy nature . i have actuly had a monk jack in my front garden in the middle of a housing estate . mine is like a jungle but only 12` x 12` and all the other gadens have know fence as such and grass apart from mine . you can look at it on one of my blogs and youl know what i mean . it must of been there eating or hiding but it didnt seamingly touch the plants . maybe bamboo is good too , i think trees mite be an answer and enjoy the deer .

20 Jul, 2012


Thank you N.

20 Jul, 2012



20 Jul, 2012

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