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By Sheilar

Sunderland Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Gb


On plant I noticed on one of my apple trees today bits of white fluffy, cotton wool type tufts with dots inside them. When I squashed these dots, there was a blood-like substance in them. Anyone any idea what this could be, is this some sort of pest?



hi i think it could be wooly aphids thats about all i can tell you someone will tell you more.good luck.

20 Jul, 2012


Thanks for that Kenny - I've looked it up and it seems quite easy to treat. I'll start tomorrow!

20 Jul, 2012


your welcome.hope things go to plan.good luck

20 Jul, 2012


I wish it was easy to treat. You will have to be vigilant and look at all other trees in the area otherwise they will come back next year when the babies become active.

21 Jul, 2012


I've looked at the other trees and they seem to be OK, but I'll keep an eye on them. Thanks.

21 Jul, 2012

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