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I bought two pear trees for my allotment garden about 3 months ago and one of them looks quite poorly. I have read up on them , but can't find out whats wrong with it.I am putting up pictures of both trees so that you can see the difference. I hope someone can help as it would be a shame to dispose of it.

100_2252 100_2255



i think its just natural selection i think . if it was something you had done wrong they would both look ill . you have 2 choices realy and that is either pull the ill one out and buy another or give it a chance as there not dead yet and weight as it mite still get over the shock as yet .unless it turns brown and crispy and obviouly dead id give it till next spring/summer . if it was still the same then id get another one .

21 Jul, 2012


its only my opinion obviously and an expert im not lol .

21 Jul, 2012


Thanks Noseypotter, I thought also that I would leave it for now and as noone seems to know whats wrong with it, perhaps I just got a weak one.

21 Jul, 2012


your welcome x .

22 Jul, 2012

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