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We are the proud owners of a cute 14 week Tibetan terrier puppy. Also, the sad owners of a devastated dug up flower patch!
Does anyone have any clever ideas as to how we can stop this digging habit.
I have tried the garden centre solution such as pepper dust , the pup just sneezes then carries on digging!!
I’m reading a lot about ammonia, moth balls and such like but not sure how dangerous these are to pets and plants
Does anyone have a similar problem?



My son had the same problem with his spaniel, so can sympathise, he allocated an area in the garden using a child's sandpit and buried her toys and odd treats in it, it worked by taking her interest away from the rest of the garden!

2 Aug, 2012


its amazing how quickly they learn "no" as well - just be with them in the garden and really mean it - just like children really!!

2 Aug, 2012


I agree C, if you persevere they soon cotton on, my sons spaniel grew out of the habit eventually, but it saved a few plants along the way :-)

2 Aug, 2012


If you are attached to your garden and your puppy you possibly need to create an area that puppy can do whatever in fenced off from the rest of the garden, which friends of ours have done successfully. Other than that you need to be out there all the time puppy is and be extremely firm - it can work but only if you are in control the whole time. In other words you can't let puppy out to gad about without you being there and controlling same.

2 Aug, 2012


i partly agree with mg lol but also you should be able to and have to dominate your dog as they can come in the good part ie lawn but he musts learn and become submissive . needs to learn the rules asap . id have and do have a dog run and it works very well . i have it on bloge etc .watch the dog whisperer honest .

3 Aug, 2012


Thank you all for your suggestions. Think I'll get hubby working on a sand pit at the weekend!

9 Aug, 2012


i dont think a sand pit will work in all honesty but ill keep my fingers crossed .

10 Aug, 2012

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