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I have been growing tomatoes for years in my greenhouse without any problems. This year I have grown cherry tomatoes (variety Favorita F1) in both grow bags and large pots. All have set good trusses with plenty of fruit, which have been ripening over the last couple of weeks. I have watered consistently but although the tomatoes seem perfectly formed they are hard and not at all juicy.
I have tried different things from leaving them on the plant, to picking them as they turn and letting them ripen on a window sill, but they all turn out to be quite hard. They are quite tasty but just not thye texture I am used to.

Any idas as to why?



Probably lack of sun, Tim. The last few days excepted it has been a pretty dull summer across the whole country.

13 Aug, 2012


They neeed the heat! My bush ones are just starting to colour.....only a month late! And the big cordons have plenty of fruit...all green.
The peppers are poor things too. Not as many as usual and so very slow to grow let alone ripen, and they are all the varieties I,ve grown before....perrishing weather!

13 Aug, 2012


Thank you both for your comments. Not much I can do by the looks of it other than wait it out and see.

13 Aug, 2012


have been trying to buy these(favorita) where can i buy them have tried everywhere,ours have been lovely,

29 Aug, 2012


why are my sons tomatoes in the greenhouse going mushy inside

29 Aug, 2012

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