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Duck weed
I have duck weed covering the entire surface of my pond - well at least its not the dreaded blanket weed that I have battled with for the last 3 years!!

I have one frog in residence. Shall I leave the duck weed in situ or remove it? I don't want my frog to get the hump and hop it ha ha



Hi Great,you need to remove the duck weed from your pond,the best way is with a net. if you have access to a pond vacuum you can skim the rest, but its along job, and you need to remove every little bit, good luck

20 Aug, 2012


i regularly remove it from mine, using a net but i never get it all out. they do remove excess nutrients so helping to keep the water clear however.

22 Aug, 2012


if its a natural pond it wont hurt at all as the tadpoles if you get some will eat it . if you have fish the best thing to do is get a nice lilly in there or some cover or both as algi and duck weed are single cell plants and need lots of light and lose out to the nutriants the higher plants take from the water . i have a pagoder over mine and i get none of the algi or duck weed . you can buy chemicles but i dont like them realy plus all the algi, duck weed will die and rot in your pond .

22 Aug, 2012


Hi Leigh nice to hear from you again. I have my 1st frog, quite a big one in my tin bath pond. Brought 2 newts home from school but haven't seen them since!!! Pond has large snails in , pond scatters etc. Only took 3 long years but life is coming to the pond finally. There are two lilies in the pond also

SBG I could sit there all day trying to get the duck weed out, never seem to get all of it. I won't use chemicals.

23 Aug, 2012


i often do spend hours fishing it out, sort of theraputic. i dont use chemicals either as i love all the wildlife i get plus there are fish in there too.

duck weed isnt an algae it belongs to the major flowering plant group and has lots of sticky roots that help it to be transferred from pond to pond .they can flower, though it is very simple and small, only producing little seed. I've Lemna minor in my pond, the smaller one of about 4 found native in britain.

23 Aug, 2012


if its a wild pond the duckweed will is a healthy sign . duck weed is a much lower acient plant type that should eventualy get overcome bye the lillies etc . its all good for ya newts and possibly a toad as the common frog isnt so common any more . duck weed is ideal for laying eggs in and the young feeding so i shouldnt worry . id look for tadpoles next seasen . be great for getting rid of slugs etc and ofcourse youl have your own little wildlife park .

23 Aug, 2012


HI great...I have both a fish pond and wild life pond,i use barley straw to combat it which you can buy from pet stores,aquatic stores or off ebay,i do wait til the tadpoles have mostly left thou before i use a net and then you should consider that there maybe newts breeding plus check through it when youve netted it and put snails back in pond and leave near the pond so other pond life can find their way back to the water.
I reckon you must have more than one frog that visits if your ponds been there at least 3 yrs :O) ..julie

23 Aug, 2012

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