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Hi everyone, could anyone tell me if it is still ok to feed my box hedgeing? Thankyou barmy phil.



Hi BP as no one has answered you - this is what I do to my box its what the RHS recommend.
Water well till established, every year I apply a general-purpose fertiliser - 2oz per plant in early spring and a add good mulch (the RHS say 70g per sq m (2oz per sq yd)
I think if you feed now you might get some lush new growth that suffers over winter?

22 Aug, 2012


Hi Drc,What a brilliant answer, I will take your advice and leave them for this year. Thanks very much. P.S who keeps messing with the letters on the keyboard, it takes so long to find them?

22 Aug, 2012



22 Aug, 2012


On the other hand I've never touched mine except with clippers and they are growing quite happily. Drc is right though about too much lush growth at this time of year.

23 Aug, 2012


HI Cutsandgraz,Thanks much appreciated, barmyphil.

23 Aug, 2012

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