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By Tomheys

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BULB HELP NEEDED! I'm looking for a red flowering bulb that will flower in April and which is very low maintenance. Can anyone suggest anything?

So far I've considered Robin Hood dwarf tulips, but they might be a bit tall. Red crocuses would be almost perfect, but I'm not sure they exist.

(I'm trying to spell a word in a lawn using bulbs).



Other than tulips, what about red polyanthus, not a bulb I know, but can be very effective.

1 Sep, 2012


Try this guys site, Tom, for ideas.
Appart from tulips there are not many dwarf spring bulbs. Do they have to be red? White crocus would show up well against the grass as would yellow and blue. You will need a lot of bulbs to write a word with them and crocus are usually one of the cheaper ones. Another advantage of crocus is that they are early bulbs and so finish sooner to allow you to cut the grass, tulips are much later flowering.
Wish I could breed a red crocus, would make a fortune!

1 Sep, 2012


No no Bulba, red would be all wrong for crocuses, as bad a blue roses or those horrible artificially dyed supermarket flowers.

1 Sep, 2012



2 Sep, 2012

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