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Is this a baby goldfish?

In May we stocked our new pond with ten goldfish.

Today, as we were sitting by the pond with a pre-prandial glass in our hot little stickies, we saw four of the fish below. Are they baby goldfish, if not, what are they?

They measure about 2 cm.




It is one of the carp family, which is what goldfish are. If you only have goldfich in the pond then it will be one of their babies. They turn to being yellowy/orange as they mature.

1 Sep, 2012


Certainly looks like it. Congrats.

1 Sep, 2012


Thats a good sign that things are ok with your pond, well done...

1 Sep, 2012


Thanks. I'm really excited! Almost maternal.....

We bought ten goldfish in May and put them in our new pond. They were tiny, less than two inches long, the cheapest in the shop. I would have thought they were too immature to start anything like this!

1 Sep, 2012


koi carp are bred from commen or mirror carp wear as goldfish and shabunkins,fancy goldfish are bred from crucian carp that only get to about 2kilos and are that colour all there life . they may well change colour but could stay that colour . as said great sign of health in your pond .

3 Sep, 2012

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