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Japanese Anemone question

Hi everyone I have at long last taken possession of 2 new Anemone Wild Swan plants. As I was expecting to receive these in May and would have then planted them immediately into the garden, and as it is now September, would I improve their chances of survival if I pot on and keep them indoors during the bad weather? I really don't want to lose these plants so want to do what's best for them.

Many thanks



Unless they are very small I think I'd plant them outside now. Japanese anenome ,are ,from my experience ,tough as old boots.

9 Sep, 2012


I would get them planted now so they can get established and give you the pleasure in May.

I have been looking for this one myself.

Its a beauty.

10 Sep, 2012


umm! they have some tips on the crocus web site where its on sale personally if these have been sent to you by someone like t&m they will be very small its spent its life up to now in a pot from a cutting so imo i would just put it in a bigger pot as its easier to check on than trying to find it time and time again in the garden winters can be dry! i would worry about drying out ? then plant it out in spring ive lost so many things bought at plant fairs in sept and planted out they just disappear !

10 Sep, 2012


I tend to agree with Youngalistai if they are very small, I think I would start off in pots.

10 Sep, 2012


Agree with Anchorman. Tough as they come. Persistent too if you decide to remove them....unless you clear every last tiny bit they will eventually regenerate. I think all plants should be numbered with a 'thug warning' 1-10. That said it's a lovely long as you know before you plant.

10 Sep, 2012


Thanks to all who have given advice. There appears to be two conflicting ideas SO, I think I will follow both. I will keep one in a pot and plant the other. Will let you know next year which fares best. Thanks once again everyone.

10 Sep, 2012

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