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By rkda


Wednesday 4th March 09 – Hello everyone that reponded to my question about soakaway tank and veg plot. Also to everyone else that responded to my first blog. Thank you, I am overwhelmed by the response and also the subsequent discussions on soakaways. Didn’t think it would generate so much debate. Sorry if I havent replied to each individual but thought it be quicker to put it in the blog. Anyway being new to this blog thing Im not sure if I should start a new blog or just continue with this one but there you go. I have added some photos of the initial fencing off of the plot, primarily to keep the cows out, and eventually my chickens and who knows what else in? But as you can see the cows hampered progression by being on the wrong side of the fence. Anyway job completed. (the cows arent mine, they graze in the pasture) I have also lopped the couple of apple trees and plum tree after years of being unattended, hopefully this will benefit future growth, not kill them off as I have done in the past with a plum tree. Hope I havent been to brutal with them.
Im still not sure about the soakaway and planting after reading the replys, but maybe the pics will help. The soakaway is within the fenced plot about 40 metres from the house and there seems plenty of space around the tank area to be safely away from it when growing. We have eaten and used apples from the tress for some years without ill effect, so maybe it will be the same with the veg. But I really appreciate the suggestions. I hope this will be interesting and I will keep adding pics as things develop.

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Welcome to GoY. Good luck with your plot. It looks quite large. It will be interesting to see it as it develops. I don't know anything about soakaways but I hope it works for you.

5 Mar, 2009


Your plot looks prrety large, rkda, you have to make your decisions and go with them.
Good luck with the plot regardless.

5 Mar, 2009

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