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From my recent trip to Harlow Carr I came back with some seed pods. A few rose hips from a Rosa Rugosa, a love in the mist seedpod, some white delphinum seeds, maybe Iris? seeds that my friend picked up somewhere in harlow carr gave me, and a few Alium seedpods. The love in the mist is being saved for my future cottage garden. The rose hips were cut open and the seeds are now vernalising in moss in the fridge.They have about four weeks left untill they can be planted in a shallow tray.This is pure experimental gardening trying to grow roses from seeds. The Iris?, alium, and delphinium seeds are planted.I like to have projects to see what I can grow. I have a lot of seeds for September sowing from Mcfothergills. I have started a garden diary, aside from my blogspot page, and my random thoughts here. Every question I think of, and observation is being written down.I will come back later to the questions when I think I have the answer. Gardening is a mix of science, horticultural knowledge, and experience.I gain more from mistakes than reading an answer. Even the professional gardeners at Harlow Carr make mistakes, and are faced with unseen problems with pests or weather etc. My course says you should be able to apply your knowledge for solving horticultural problems, using reasoning, and theories. When I qualified as a staff nurse the main problem post grad was applying the knowledge to the clinical area.I am good at applying knowledge, problem solving, and asking a thousand questions. I hope that these skills I have are transferable to the RHS advanced certificate.

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Do you belong to the RHS? I joined following my first visit to Wisley in May this year. I reckon the fee is good value, and hope to visit Rosemoor sometime soon. It's our nearest RHS garden. Harlow Carr sounds great. Maybe one day I'll get to see it! Good luck with your seeds.

20 Jul, 2007


Spritzhenry I dont belong to the RHS yet.My gardening friend Hils is a member so if she goes with me I dont pay.RHS Harlow Carr is the nearest one to me, and the one I have been to twice.
I want to visit all four RHS gardens eventually.There are three down south, and the Northern one.As im in Yorkshire its good to know what can grow in testing conditions.
I will keep updating about my experimental seeds!

20 Jul, 2007


Application of theory to practice is the same throughout life, whether it be
related to training and chosen profession, learning to drive and even gardening. i have just begun to realise that we cannot now even go by those books which break down gardening jobs into seasons, or month-by-month. I have learned to gauge the weather, and will try things totally out-of-season, and more often than not, they work. This includes division, propagation and transplanting. I use my senses, rather than the books, and get away with it well over 50% of the time!

20 Jul, 2007


I do too David.I still think experimental gardening teaches us more than slavishly following a book which says do this now and this then.
There are always more than one way to do anything.Its the 50% that works that makes you happy you tried!
My gardening before was driven by instinct and genes I think.From hedge cutting, to grass mowing, to planting, to seed sowing.
After I had done I often googled to see what other people do.The internet is like one big neighbourhood fence, so you can see gardens from all over the world and compare notes about pests and problems, plant care, and growing them.
The weather this year has been wierd, hottest april on record, then rain and flooding.July is 10 days from finishing.
Better to go with instinct this year ahead of books :)

21 Jul, 2007


Hi, Monty Don has a book he wrote along with his wife Sarah, it is called The Jewel Garden, a lovely read. He talks of his depression and how gardening has helped him.

21 Jul, 2007


Thanks Holly,I will buy it.My blog talks a lot about healing gardens (still trying to get hold of a PBS film called Healing gardens of New York..the video company emailed me to tell me about it after reading one of my posts).In the book growing out of trouble he trys to use gardening to heal the damage that drug taking had done to the people. Physical, mental, and socially...Thanks for telling me :)

21 Jul, 2007


Books are a guide seen through that persons eyes and personal experience with obvious regard to soil, climate, and even more importantly micro climate. Personal experience with experentation cant be beaten in my opinion .

22 Jul, 2007


Thanks Floriade,I agree.Experimental gardening will teach you more than books.Not even all the answers are in books.Over time your gardening should work out soil, climate, and the strange quirks of every individual garden.It will evolve over time if you work with it, and not against it.

22 Jul, 2007

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