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Water, water, water!


I have not known a season like this. It has been so dry in the west of Scotland where I live. I truly am sick of it.

Spring was dry but cool. Some plants such as mecenopsis refused to flower. Azaleas, etc were late and not great. Bulbs appeared late and vanished quickly. Even leucanthemum and crocosmia have had short flowering periods.

My lawn was cut on Monday and for the one and only day this year actually looked decent. Green and quite perky. Today it is once more looking washed out and white patches are again reappearing.

Tomorrow is to be 26C and the hose will again be dragged back into service. But I feel I am wasting my time. It takes all day to water the lawns adequately, but with sun beating down on them, they transpire fast and get little benefit from the watering.

This is the west of Scotland. It should be moderately wet. It has been anything but and I am sick of it!

Moan over.

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I understand your angst. The weather certainly pushes our buttons doesn't it? you are welcome to moan.

24 Aug, 2021


I do not know if this is going to make you feel you better but I am on the other side of globe from you and it is the same here. Hot and dry all summer long. No rain. Our region (Pacific-North-West) is called Rain-forest country and our cedar trees are dying in droves. So I am joining you in your moaning.
Also, we have water usage restriction so no lawn watering allowed ..... ours is completely dead.

24 Aug, 2021


My parents are in north Ayrshire and it’s usually wet. I lived there until my late 20s and the weather could be miserable, but, there have been definite changes in the weather recently.

24 Aug, 2021


Kate, I think we have probably shared similar weather to your parents. It is difficult when your garden evolves over the years to suit a climate and that climate begins to change considerably.

I have just watched a documentary about extreme weather and one scientist did mention recreating green borders around our roads, etc. And 'regreening' our residential streets as a help towards carbon capture and drainage.

Can't see it happening though.

24 Aug, 2021


Klahanie, I am aware of the problems in the western seaboard. Especially Canada. That was terrible.

I have relatives in San Diego and they seem constantly prepared for evacuation at short notice.

24 Aug, 2021


Us gardeners are allowed to moan about the weather, I'm way down on the Lincs/Rutland border, my garden is very thirsty but everything is coping quite well, saved by lack of sunshine, the only saving grace to come out of very short summer time 2021....Sigh !!
.The green areas and verges in our town are being turned into wild flower beds and borders by a great team of volunteers, the aim is not only clean up the town but also help the bees,wildlife and suchlike, they have taken over the jobs that our local council have neglected to do, it was becoming a disgrace, what started out as one man who'd had enough and was going around cleaning up our town at dawn, litter picking, cutting grass verges and cleaning out neglected areas is now brilliant Team Stamford., it can be done if one gets fedup, angry and does something about it themselves...

25 Aug, 2021


We are a bit the same here, Lincslass. A team of volunteers go out regularly and pick up the litter and try to keep the place tidy.

One man in particular spends his life walking around the community lifting litter.

25 Aug, 2021


We are much the same here, one man regularly litter picks around the village and where the grass verges have been allowed to grow so long, then were mown a week ago, the rubbish shredded up is dreadful. Why can't folk just hold on their empty cans/packets/bottles until they find a bin or get home? Rant over!!

25 Aug, 2021

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