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I must admit I'm not a keen gardener, kind of a 'put some seeds in watch to see if they grow - great, if they come up next year - even better' or 'oh no, I'd better cut the grass, when I can't see Bud (my Rottweiller) on the lawn' type of gardener.

I grow bonsai.
I love Japanese Maples.
I'm very fond of my 6' x 8' greenhouse (my version of the potting shed) in which I grow Tomatoes, Physalis, Ginger, About a dozen different types of Cacti, Half a dozen different types of Chilli, 2 Tropical trees, a tropical shrub, oh yes, and a Leek.
I think I should either get a bigger greenhouse or get another greenhouse : )
My wife is against those ideas as she can't understand how anybody can spend two hours in there. She says if I get an even bigger greenhouse or get another greenhouse she'll never see me!
Finally the name - St John Tongue, pronounced Singeing Tongue. As in my tongue is burnt - Chilli grower. Groan!

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