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Church Cottage - another year for an open garden !


By suee


Last year I intended to keep a ‘blog-diary’ of opening my garden for the NGS … it didn’t get very far ! So this is a new attempt for a new gardening year ! To be honest last year was hard work, and my enthusiasm for my garden was a little ‘light’ !Not sure why – the constant battle with pests, the weather, getting older or the absence of my partner who was working in Siberia …. he isn’t a great gardener, but he is always there to help with any task too ‘heavy’ for me and offer support … he doesn’t know much about plant names or their care but he does enjoy the garden hugely.

Gardeners are wonderful people in my experience – always something to talk about, often offering advice and new knowledge. I have met some great characters over the last few years, and I look forward to familiar faces returning.

I decided to open for a shorter season in 2016. We open two afternoons a week from end of may till mid august. We live at the end of a very narrow lane with few passing places and limited parking …. a weekend opening would be impossible as would a one- off perhaps attracting total chaos !

I figured this way we would have a ‘trickle’ of people, allowing me to give visitors more time and for them to have a less crowded garden to enjoy. I also have groups by appointment. Is it bad of me to say that people love my garden ?!? And the teas !!!

I had wanted to do something to raise money for a cancer related charity … met the local NGS rep and we were in the book before the garden was even finished !!! it did make us get it finished !!!! There can be very few families who have not been touched by the cruelty of this dreadful disease. two of my closest friends lost the battle, as have many members of my family. I couldn’t afford to give money but I could do this. And I do sell my plants and advertise my garden design business in the process !

We moved here in 2010 and began the garden with virtually a blank canvas which was exciting. Incredible soil and the thousands of plants that came with us gave me a good start .. six years later the garden is maturing and seems as if it had always nestled here.

And so the process of getting the garden ready for it’s visitors begins !!

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what a lovely thing to do. You are so right about this terrible disease affecting many families. I lost my dad as a result of it. I grow and sell plants for our local hospice and the MacMillan nurses so it is an enjoyable way of helping them.

I'd like to open my garden but OH wont hear of it. He knows 3 people who had burglaries a week after they had been open. losing statues and plants as well as shed contents. We are quite close to a highish crime area :o(.

mind you I'd have to keep on top of it all and I haven't got the discipline to do that :o)

lovely plantings and if you do a good tea of course you should be proud of it.

21 Feb, 2017


It all looks great - I love those pools of blue - it makes me wish I had the will power to put duplicate plants along a border instead of just poppingIN one of each favourite! Its a wonderful advertisement for your garden design business.

21 Feb, 2017


Well done Suee,there's a lot of hard work in order to produce that sort of garden.......looks very relaxed and colourful.

22 Feb, 2017


Congratulations ! Well done !

SBG the good make up for the bad in this world, every time.

22 Feb, 2017


You've done a superb job...lovely colour combinations and what a good way to help a deserving charity.

22 Feb, 2017

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