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Wind in my willow


The wind has been whistling in my willow this afternoon: Badger is off on his travels I know not where, but moley has decided that an extension is more fun than spring-cleaning.

I don’t remember seeing a planning permission arrive through the post, but the proposed plot appears to be my back garden!

Who is next? I’m not sure I can cope with the entire cast (though Toad would be good if he leaves the motor car in the drive.)

What to do? If I just scoop off the soil and pop it on the borders will moley stay in the grass or will he undermine my entire garden?

Answers please dear helpful people, and no naughty suggestions!

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you're going to end up with a lumpy lawn at this rate. When I had the problem I used traps but I'm older now and softer. Someone said drive a steel stake in the lawn and whack it with a hammer now and again.

9 Mar, 2010


I work at a garden centre and am often asked how to get rid of moles. All I can say with honesty is that I have no idea, nothing seems to work. I don`t suppose you could get used to a lumpy lawn???? ;o)))

9 Mar, 2010


What do you think of my lawn? Groovey !

9 Mar, 2010


My mother's Siamese cat used to catch moles. The dangerous heap moles, with protruding fangs, he used to eat up, fangs, fur and all - but he didn't harm the cute, inoffensive runner moles - just played with them on the floor. I used to cart them in a bucket a quarter mile down the road - probably not far enough.
Getting some dangerous Siamese cats might cause your moles to prefer your neighbours' gardens.

9 Mar, 2010


Oh dear, Ss. Between us, we could set up a wild-life park! I am sorry you have this additional problem. Not one I've far...

Make the most of the lovely soil off the mole hills, though!

9 Mar, 2010


Gurthbruins, What's a 'heap' mole, I didn't know there was more than one variety.

10 Mar, 2010


Hi Heron ! Heap moles push up heaps of soil all over the place, but you don't see their connecting passages - they are too far under ground. They have terrible fangs which can latch on to a cat very painfully if the cat is not quick enough to avoid them. Runner moles are the ones that leave those runs which just break the surface. These moles are totally harmless.

10 Mar, 2010


Thanks Guys - I have been doing a bit of research since posting and now think I was being hasty to immediately talk in terms of a problem.

I can find no reference to his conservation status which is weird - but there is a throwaway comment that he has been persistently trapped, and poisoned which is not nice !

I do not have any pets, so I think I shall adopt Mr Moley. His food costs are less I am sure than many cats and dogs and I would rather clear up his molehills than cat poo!

It will be a bit like having an imaginary friend - one who tends to be a bit clumsy and breaks things a lot!

10 Mar, 2010


If you do 'adopt' Moley you'll have to give it a name, how about Adrian? Or if it makes really big heaps you could call it Moel Fameu.

10 Mar, 2010


Oh Heron you do make me laugh, but I shall have to find his name rather than bestow it dont you think. Of course I could just call him Digger!

10 Mar, 2010


"Digger" !!!! that's an Australian name, I hope he doesn't try to dig his way home

11 Mar, 2010


my first garden was tiny, 16 by 12 feet, and we had a mole who moved around the perimeter borders causing havoc. we found his entry hole hidden in a bottomless barrel that we kept tools in. i put the hose in the entrance and flushed it hard, which did the job, he moved into the neighbours garden! this probably only worked because of the small area. Im afraid I didnt feel sorry for him when I got up every morning to see my plants all uprooted on the top of his molehills!

13 Mar, 2010


How very clever Mageth! - for some reason my mole is sticking to my grass at the moment I dont know whether this is common - perhaps he resents the digging competition.

Heron - I was thinking of my dad's old dog digger - an Australian - well spotted!

14 Mar, 2010

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