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My virgin blog


Today is my first blog, yesterday my wife Lynne and myself spent the whole day in glorious sunshine and clear blue sky’s.
we preped the greenhouse, jet washed the patio, weeded and cut the grass
can anybody help with my lawn, we have a clay based soil and this holds water we have moss and what seem to be marshy type grass.
i can’t mow the lawn when its holding the water is there a treatment i can try or shall we pay for drainage channels to be fitted underground

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Firstly welcome - happy blogging.

I hate lawns - why not dig it up, have a pond and some lovely marsh flowers like Caltha Palustris and Lythrum. That way when everyone else has a drought you can have endless colour instead.

25 Apr, 2011


mines the same and im just going to put pebbles over it,good luck

25 Apr, 2011


@Ladybug47 - seems a shame to lose the chance for plants and wildlife. Have you tried drainage ditches or half pipes ?

25 Apr, 2011


try spiking it /aerating it and brush in sand to help improve the drainage. that does work in time.

25 Apr, 2011


Now is the time to treat the lawn to a weed, feed and moss-kill dressing. I did mine earlier today. My soil is basically clay too. I use the box on the mower to collect the grass clippings when the weather (and ground) is wet but leave them on the lawn when it is dry. That seems to help the condition of the grass.

26 Apr, 2011


Sorry can`t help in anyway as I don`t have a lawn, but welcome to Goy - you`ll find it very informative.

26 Apr, 2011

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