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I’m not the best of gardeners but I know just enough to maintain my garden. However, knowing and doing are complete opposites and I can’t manage my garden as I would like to because of old age and illnesses. My recent experience has devastated me because I’ve had to pay someone to mow my lawns. Easier said than done!! After me explaining that there are obvious plants and small shrubs to be aware of, the men went off and mowed my lawns….only for one of them to hack down two, three year old Wisterias and a 2 year old Elderberry. I’m devastated! I’ve nurtured them while looking forward to making my own wine and with anticipation of watching the Wisteria grow and at some stage might have flowered for me. I’ve now managed to get a gardener and hoping that he can do the jobs I can’t manage myself.

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I am so pleased you have a happy ending getting in a proper gardener I am glad I have no lawn just plants as I would fear the same happening to mine.

18 Jul, 2017


I've put a like only because you hopefully have found someone who will actually do the jobs that you ask them to do. It's amazing how you can explain something and then they go off and do what they want anyway. I had a 'gardener' come round to look at some work who then said he didn't understand pruning, didn't want to cut beds in a grass lawn and really only hacked back overgrown hedges! How does that make you a gardener? Just someone with a chainsaw and a hatchet. Did they say how they cut them off, was it a strimmer? When we had someone cut the Leylandii I threatened to sue them if they did damage to my Monkey Puzzle tree and told them it would cost £1500 to replace it, it got a wide berth and survived intact!

18 Jul, 2017


Isn't it awful when we become unable to do the things we once took for granted ... I'm sorry to hear about your Wisterias and Elderberry. Some people just cut lawns as a hobble and understand nothing about plants. I hope your new gardener proves to be better.

18 Jul, 2017


You must be devastated. It looks on the photo as though there are still some shoots alive at the bottom of the poor trunk in the second picture at least, and the roots won't have been damaged,so lets hope for a recovery for that one at least. Finding a proper gardener is like looking for gold dust. I think a lot of so called gardeners just do it as a filler while looking for another job...

18 Jul, 2017


I am so sorry that you have not been well and that the 1st man you had in did so much damage. Like the others said, I think that there are lots of people who offer themselves as gardeners, who haven't a clue and are just after cash in hand jobs. Fingers crossed this 2nd one is much better.

19 Jul, 2017


So sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience. I really hope this new gardener is good

19 Jul, 2017


Good luck with your new gardener,I am sure he will do a good job for you,all the very best.

19 Jul, 2017


Thank you all for your lovely comments and support. My gardener came today and did over two hours but would only take £20. He's amazing.xx

21 Jul, 2017


Oh Vicki, that's great news,sounds as thought you have got a good gardener there.

22 Jul, 2017

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