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Keen gardener obviously! Of retirement age and more. Just got settled into our final home with huge garden to remodel and found arthritis to slow me down, just can't lift and shift like I used to. Doesn't stop me, but pay for ignoring it the next day. Nowhere near as bad as some people and am grateful for that, just think I should still be 20 something and able to do it all.
One day, one day, maybe will get the garden how I like it, just have to buy bigger plants as haven't got the forty years to wait for things to mature, but it's a good excuse.
Lots of birds, chickens, guinea fowl, geese and peacocks outside, parrakets, love bird and zebra finches inside.
Gardening in the Fens where it's heavy clay, so a challenge to try to get some ground into a workable state - who wants to stick to the plants they tell us to grow on clay?

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