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thanks for the laughs


By viv1


i have nothing to report on he gardening this week as i have a mouth problem, woke up on wednesday with a sore jaw by thursday it wa so swollen i looked like elephant man ! ! ! with earache ,headache and every other ache not being a lover of the dentist chair i decided afew paracetomol would do the trick- ..went to work untill friday when -still looking like elephant man – i have lock jaw can`t drink or eat cut along story short am on anti-biotics and waiting for the swelling to go down so it can be x-rayed…. all your blogs i`m reading are very good therapy and cheering me up enormously ,,, actually don`t mind this awful weather as i`m to weak to do anything in the garden ,,sainsbury`s are having a run on soup and angel delight ! ! so keep those blogs going freinds hope your all having a good weekend x

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Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
Hope it's nothing serious and you feel better soon.

8 May, 2010


Oh Viv lock jaw!!!!! When was the last time you had a tetanus jab???? thought that was a thing of the past. Go and read my blogs on how my wildlife area and pond are getting along, that will put a smile on your face (I hope!) Do hope you get better soon. You must be in agony He's a hug to make you better x

8 May, 2010


thanks BL hoping its a wisdom tooth, as the dentist said if its not that then it could be serious,, great you`v got me wondering when i had tetanus jab will check it out thanks yes i am in agony have also got square eyes on computer !!!

8 May, 2010


Hope you are on the mend Viv!

8 May, 2010


Sorry to hear of your swollen jaw. I hope you can get some treatment for it. It's too cold and wet to do amything in the garden anyway.

8 May, 2010


thanks dylan dog and hywell if the weather had been nice i`d be really miffed !

8 May, 2010


Hope you are feeling better today Viv. :-)

9 May, 2010

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