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T&M have a half price seed sale on just now so hubby said " you may as well get your seeds just now hen , spend whatever you need I dont mind " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I was online asap ! I must admit its saved me quite a few £s , what a great hubby I have ! just hope there is no probs getting my seeds from T&M ive heard so many complaints on here about them .

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ive never used them but i have read the complaints about them on the site. im sure tho posting up pkts of seeds shouldnt be a problem to them .

2 Jun, 2008


Free reign to spend!!! I always manage to kid myself that I'm actually saving money by spending more with that kind of offer. Will you be needing even more new staging to house them all? :o)

2 Jun, 2008


No Peter I was really good I only spent £12 , maybe my hubby isnt that silly after all , ever heard of Reverse psychology ?

2 Jun, 2008


You don't need to worry about T&M seeds, weemama, it's the plants that are their problem area. What did you buy?

2 Jun, 2008


Begonia semperflorens Options Mixed
Begonia x tuberhybrida Non-Stop
Mimulus x hybridus Maximus Mixed
Begoña Blackmore & Langdon's Large Flowered Picotees Mixed
Petunia hybrida grandiflora Superbissima
Petunia grandiflora Cascade Pink Orchid Mist F1 Hybrid and
Flower Pouches

Its Marks fault ive bought Begonis , lol , his are all so lovely !

3 Jun, 2008


Looks like you,ve got a lot of seed sowing to do there Weemama I,ve just bought some Begonias after looking at Marks as well

3 Jun, 2008


You won't have problems with their seeds, Weemamabell. Well, I've never had. My wife was getting concerned by all the seeds and plants arriving almost on a daily basis last month. I had to put her mind at rest by reminding here that these were actually my Xmas pressies finally arriving (I like Christmas in April/May, I've decided).

4 Jun, 2008


Sounds like you should have a beautiful display - particularly from Blackmore&Langdons picotees. For a garden display i'm sure they will look brilliant.
Mine are 99% named varieties because i show them, i think they are supposed to be the biggest and best boomed plants as when they find a show plant they take cuttings off it, in effect anyone buying that named variety is buying a piece of that original plant. Growing from seed means it won't be the same as the original (or so i'm told). However, you might find a show plant in your seed, if you do take cuttings, grow that variety on for (i think it's 5 years, not sure) to make sure it's consistent, after that name it, register it, and sell the cutting tubers - Blackmores charge £30 for their new varieties. If i see a weemamabell Begonia i shall know where it came from, lol :-D

6 Jun, 2008

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