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Good weather for most...then there's Irish!


By 1198


All this good summer weather news until poor Irish…Irish…Irish…How is your garden fairing through all this continuous rain your having….O.K.? Our humidity is finally down, it should be in low 80’s….I can definitely get out in the garden in this. We’re having some dirt delivered for a back bed, then I can plant more… I have 3 hibiscus plants ready to go in the ground, very pretty darkish pink bordering on red. The front landscaping should be finished today as well…..I’m getting excited. The only rub is the pyramical yew we’re having replaced is going to be much smaller than the one on the other side of the front porch :( Going to look pretty lopsided I’m afraid……however I should reservice judgement until the deed is done. Have a good day everyone, especially Irish..a cup of cheer to you!! :)

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aw thanks 1198, your name makes me think im sending a message to a spy lol.
you will be glad to hear the rain is off again, looks like its gona be a lovely evening. just have to collect my son from football practise and then i am gona sit outside with a nice glass of chilled white wine.
happy planting.

24 Jul, 2008


I see what you mean does sound like a spy "handle" :) ....just so you know, my name is Diane. I'm glad to hear the rain has subsided....and you are to relax with a glass of wine while sitting in your garden! Now, that's the way to relax! Enjoy! (and hope the weather remains steadily "nice" for you)

25 Jul, 2008


Well Marguerite.....the front landscaping was finished looks really good (I think). Sometimes I second-guess myself...while looking at it I'm hoping I haven't made the front yard too busy. This weekend I'll take pictures and post on Monday, I'd like some observations. Of-course I don't know what I'll do if everyone agrees it's too busy...tear it out? lol :) I don't think so, but I'd like and opinion or two none-the-less. Oh too, a relatively small patch in the backyard (where the vybernums are in an arc in front of the shed) I worked the paper deal at 5:30 this morning. Raked up what mulch was there, pulled weeds, laid layers of newspaper over the ground and watered real good. I did not use any weed killer (would like to avoid that if possible). Now...this is my "test patch" and I'll see what happens the rest of the season. I'll report to all whether successful, kind of successful, or no success. :) Sunny and mid-80s here today (so far no humidity to speak of). Enjoy your sun!

25 Jul, 2008


diane, you will NOT be surprised to hear the rain is back lol.
today was beautiful sunshine, really warm and heavy showers lol, thundery weather

25 Jul, 2008


Irish....I'm beginning to think you and your hubby better start building yourselves an Ark :) :) :) !!! Do you keep track on the calendar of how many days of rain you've had? It would be sort of fun to keep track. We have had about a week's stretch of mid 80's, some humidity and a few days without. I truly would send you a bunch if I could figure out how :) lol It takes me a while to respond to GYO, I don't have access to a computer over the weekend, so....I have to wait until Monday! Hope your weather is better today!

28 Jul, 2008


wellllllllll its been beautiful for last couple of days , sun is shining , blue skies its so nice here

28 Jul, 2008


Irish....been out of operation until today. Got your message that the weather is doing a better job for you! Hallelujah! Enjoy to the fullest! Our weather remains in the mid to high 80s, however a tad humid :(
Haven't been out in the garden last couple of days (other duties call), will be paying the price for it shortly. Take care. Diane

31 Jul, 2008

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