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Back in July (16th) I wrote about a project covering a garden area with newspaper, soaking thorougly with hose, barking over. Well, we’re at the end of August and so far….so good….not a weed! :) I’m thrilled to pieces and will continue to “monitor” :) and report. I hope to take a few new pics in the next day or so and will post.
I’ll also have to say I’m learning a great deal about “placement” of plants. As the garden is growing through the season some of my plants planted in the front of a garden area are far surpassing, in height, some of the plants in the back of the garden. Apparently growth rate really plays an important role here…not just height info off the tags. Learn by doing……..;)

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I guess we all learn by experience. It's amazing how a compact perennial That looked right near the front of the border when I bought it last year turned into a giant this year and will have to be moved to a more suitable spot. I have tha same problem with trees and shrubs. The Chamaecyparis that I envisaged as a tall stately tree has been hidden by the Tamarisk shrubs in front of it. I could go on with similar examples.

27 Aug, 2008


Couldn't we all! Heleniums that are supposed to be taller than last year's but are hidden at the back , a Miscanthus which has failed due to not enough light - it should have been nearer the front of the border..... etc etc. SIGH!

27 Aug, 2008


Glad to hear that the newspaper worked well for you. It does make a big difference doesn't it... And just think, the worms get caught up on all the latest news and sales :)

28 Aug, 2008


in a area of my lawn when i first shifted in there was a sort of lump so decided to cut it away and found it was an old pile of newspapers the grass had grown over.
the papers wer still readable and 10 years old so i was impressed and would use my old papers as weed suppresing and they seemed to be still working after many years .
any weeds that are brave enough seem to be easily pulled out

25 Feb, 2010

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